Regular Treatment Hours

Available for consulation and Reiki by appointment Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays,
Friday & one Saturday per month

House Calls are available to those in need. Please inquire.
($10 charge applies for travel.)

Wiseleaf is on call for Herbal Consultation at the Spa at Cavallo Point.

Introducing Wiseleaf's Low Cost Community Clinic

Mondays, 9am – 8pm
Western Herbal Health Care Consultation, $10-50 sliding scale
Herbal Extracts, $10 per ounce
Medicinal Teas, $10–15 per ounce

Please pay what you can so that others may receive the service they need. Plants to the People.

Before your appointment

Please bring a list of any pharmaceuticals and/or dietary supplements you are currently taking and their dosages. I use this information to prevent herb/drug interactions.

Please also bring your current health care provider's information, including any complimentary health care practitioners whose care you are under. I will not speak with them nor share information unless given express permission to do so by you, the client. (Information is for my records only.)